This is the Scottish Roller Derby Blog Page for the "Dust Devil Challenge Cup".
The list here shows how a fictitious "Championship Belt" would have passed through Flat-Track Roller Derby, assuming it was awarded to the winners of the first ever Roller Derby Tournament in revival Derby, the Dust-Devil Tournament of 2006.
The "Cup" is assumed to pass onto another holder on the first bout which the current holder loses, in the manner of Challenge bouts in Boxing. Information on bouts is taken from Flat Track Stats.
Whilst the Cup changes hands more often than the Hydra, it does broadly reflect the same balances of strength in the community over time.
Inaugural Champions
Texas Rollergirls 24/2/2006 - 9/12/06
Tucson Roller Derby 9/12/06 - 18/2/07
Rat City Roller Girls 18/2/07 - 28/4/07
Windy City Rollers 28/4/07 - 19/8/07
Gotham Girls Roller Derby 19/8/07 - 29/9/07
Kansas City Roller Warriors 29/9/07 - 2/12/07
Carolina Rollergirls 2/12/07 - 19/7/08
Cincinnati Rollergirls 19/7/08 - 13/9/08
Detroit Derby Girls 13/9/08 - 11/10/08
Philly Roller Derby 11/10/08 - 11/10/08
Gotham Girls Roller Derby 11/10/08 - 14/11/09
Oly Rollers 14/11/09 - 3/10/10
Rocky Mountain Rollergirls 3/10/10 - 4/6/11
Oly Rollers 4/6/11 - 13/11/11
Gotham Girls Roller Derby 13/11/11 - ...
Here we have a decision to make. If we decide that the "Dust Devil Cup" is only eligible for WFTDA member leagues, then the chain ends with Gotham's first loss at a WFTDA Championships in many years, in 2015:
Gotham Girls Roller Derby 13/11/11 - 8/11/15
Rose City Rollers 8/11/15 - 30/4/16
Victorian Roller Derby League 30/4/16 - 5/11/16
Rose City Rollers 5/11/16 - 5/5/17
Victorian Roller Derby League 5/5/17 - 11/11/18
Rose City Rollers 11/11/18 -
Current Champions
If we embrace all of Roller Derby, however, we remember that Gotham had lost one time before then, in a battle of the Champions held in 2013. In this case, the chain goes:
Gotham Girls Roller Derby 13/11/11 - 6/6/13
Your Mom Men's Roller Derby 6/6/13 - 18/10/15
St Louis Gatekeepers 18/10/15 - 14/5/16
Team USA Men's Roller Derby 14/5/16 -
Current Champions
but perhaps having the USA National Men's team in charge of the Cup is a little too controversial, even for a light amusement like this...!
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