Welcome to the Scottish Roller Derby Blog Ranking Hub.
SRD Rank is an evolving rating and ranking system for rating (and predicting) Flat Track Roller Derby worldwide.
The current SRD Rank is:
SRDRank v2

The previous generation of SRD Rank (v1) had the following releases:
SRD Rank 1 April 2017
SRD Rank 1 March 2017
SRD Rank 1 December 2016
SRD Rank 1 November 2016
October 2016 SRD Rankings [3d Globe visualisation]
October 2016 SRD Rankings [as list]

We're also the hosts of the Alternative WFTDA "Champions" Cup (as calculated on the rule that it passes on whenever the holder loses to a challenger).
The "official" Page for the Champions Cup Tracking
Inaugural list on our Wordpress Site

We've written quite a lot on SRD Rank, and our related ranking approaches on the blog:
Rankings of the Daga Denter Cup 2016 (Bayesian)
SRD Rank Launch + Discussion
Rankings from the European Roller Derby Tournament (Bayesian)
Analysis of many competing Sports Rating systems (including proto-SRD-Rank) on their predictive power.
Analysis of Men's Roller Derby World Cup 2016 (Bayesian and Massey)
Analysis of the Japan Open 2016 and British Champs (Bayesian)
Analysis of European Smackdown (FlatTrackStats and Bayesian)
Analysis of WFTDA Champs 2015 (First use of Bayesian inference to determine that Gotham/Rose/Victoria are a three-way tie in strength)
Analysis of WFTDA Champs 2015 (FTS, Massey)
Analysis of British Champs 2015 (Massey,FTS), predicting Newcastle's future position
(Massey,FTS) Ranking the 2014 Women's World Cup [Results, Ranking]
(Massey, FTS) Ranking mechanisms against the 2014 Women's World Cup [Theory]
SRD Rank also depends on an understanding of how Roller Derby teams are connected, worldwide. We've published a few results on this, with visualisations.
3d Globe Visualisation of Roller Derby over time, worldwide [needs update with more Latin American results]
Connectivity of Roller Derby Worldwide (2016 update)
Connectivity of Roller Derby Worldwide 2015 Part 2
Connectivity of Roller Derby Worldwide 2015 Part 1
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