This is the Scottish Roller Derby Blog Page tracking the teams winning their respective National Tournament Series'.

Great Britain: British Championships is a mostly-Great-Britain-based multinational tournament series, which has also included the odd Irish team. Unlike some of the other series, British Championships has allowed top-tier British teams to submit B-teams to play in lieu, in order to allow those leagues A-teams to play more WFTDA- or MRDA- sanctioned international fixtures.
France:The Championnat de France is the French National Tournament Series, for WFTDA- and MRDA-gender policy Roller Derby, administered by the FFRS
Germany:The German Roller Derby Bundesliga is the German National Tournament Series, for WFTDA-gender policy Roller Derby, adminstered by Roller Derby Deutchland. DerbyPosition hosts the official records. Before the official tournament, there were two one-off "National Championship events" in Germany, in 2010 [ FTS ] and 2013 [ FTS ]
Scotland: Two one-off tournaments: Highland Fling, 2010 (featuring all Scottish teams existing at the time), and the Scottish Mens Nationals 2015.
Sweden: The Swedish Roller Derby Seriespel has been happening since 2012. The top tier, the Eliteserien, gives us our Champions. WIKIPEDIA (Swedish)
Norway: Norway held, to our knowledge, precisely 1 Norwegian Cup, in 2013 Flat Track Stats. The first "Norwegian Cup" sanctioned by an actual Norwegian NGB will be in 2019 (FTS entry for 2019.
Finland: The Suomi Cup has been running since 2012. Its elite tier gives us our champions WIKIPEDIA (Suomi)
Pohjola: Northern Finland + Russia competition, started 2014? Began as a "Northern Finnish" regional, but expanded to Russia in the 2017 season.
Spain: the (Spanish Skate Federation, a FIRS-backed entity) Campeonato Nacional de Roller Derby started in 2016: First tournament article (Bilbao), 2nd in Vigo (FTS), Third in Zaragoza (FTS)
Since 2019, the newly formed ARDE, representing the majority of Roller Derby in Spain, hosts the more legitimate, and larger scale Championships, which we will be considering official in this list. (2019 Division 1).
Austria: Started in 2017 [FACEBOOK , FTS ]
Belgium: RD.BE, the new Belgian National Tournament starts in 2018
Mexico: the Torneo Nacional de Roller Derby, has been run since 2012, officially managed by Asociación Mexicana de Roller Derby
Colombia: WIKIPEDIA (Espanol) ran 2012-2014; broke into "regional" tournaments post then. Since 2017 has returned with a "West Region" and "Bogota/District" tournament qualifier format, into a central Torneo Nacional. The Men's teams managed a short National Tournament from 2017.
Australia: Australian Men's Roller Derby host a National tournament, since 2015 (their website hasn't been updated since then, so most active on Facebook). Roller Derby Australia lists the first non-men's National Tournament in 2018 season, which seems to be State versus State (and includes WFTDA, MRDA and JRDA brackets...) [WEBSITE].
New Zealand: The New Zealand Top 10 tournament has been rotated around the New Zealand Roller Derby teams to organise since the 2016 season.
Chile: has the Torneo X-MEN (Facebook) as a National Men's Tournament since 2017, and the Torneo X (Facebook) for WFTDA-gender leagues since 2015
Italy: It's possible that the Skate Im Ring "Italian Roller Derby Tournaments" [2015-] count, but we're not sure.
Netherlands: An irregular series of National Tournaments, with only Facebook pages (2013, 2015) and (2016) (FTS: 2013 2015 2016 )
Ireland: "All-Ireland" represented by a single tournament hosted by Belfast Roller Derby 2014. FTS
BrazilThe Brasileirão de Roller Derby is the National Championship for Brazil. The first edition was in 2011, but it seems records are hard to find before 2014. [Current Facebook Page]
South Africa: The National Derby Festival has, since 2016, been the official South African National Tournament. 2016 event,2017 event
Denmark: There was a Danish Championship in 2015, but with only 3 competitors, Copenhagen, Aalborg and Aarhus hosted by Copenhagen. The first fully inclusive Danish Champs "Danmarksmesterskaberne" was in 2020, using Roller Derby Sevens rules 2020 event here.
YearGreat Britain WGreat Britain MScotland WScotland MFrance WFrance MGermanySwedenNorwayFinlandFinland MPohjolaSpain WSpain MNetherlandsAustriaBelgium WBelgium MMexico WMexico MColombia WColombia MAustralia WAustralia MNew ZealandChile MChile WIrelandBrazilSouth AfricaDenmarkYear
2010Glasgow Roller Girls1Stuttgart Valley Rollergirls2010
2012Stockholm Roller DerbyKallio Rolling RainbowMonterrey All-StarsRock N Roller Queens (Bogotá)2012
2013Bear City Roller Derby (Berlin)Stockholm Roller DerbyOslo Roller DerbyKallio Rolling RainbowAmsterdam Derby Dames1Minervas (Guadalajara)Mexico MRock N Roller Queens (Bogotá)Gray City Rebels (São Paulo)2013
2014Stockholm Roller DerbyHelsinki Roller DerbyOulu Roller Derby-Monterrey Roller DerbyLiga Roller Derby Cuidad DF (Mexico City? M)Bogotá Bone Breakers?Victorian Vanguard (Victoria M)Dublin Roller DerbyGray City Rebels (São Paulo)2014
2015Glasgow Roller DerbySouthern Discomfort2 (London M)Skelpies (Falkirk/Stirling M)Bear City Roller Derby (Berlin)Stockholm Roller DerbyKallio Rolling RainbowJyväskylä BRockcity Rollers (Eindhoven)Baja Roller Derby (Baja California)?Minotauros?Victorian Vanguard (Victoria M)Nativas Roller Derby (Temuco)Gray City Rebels (São Paulo)Copenhagen?2015
2016Newcastle Roller GirlsSouthern Discomfort (London M)Paris RollergirlsQuad Guards (Toulouse M)Bear City Roller Derby (Berlin)Crime City Rollers (Malmö)Kallio Rolling Rainbow-?Roller Derby MadridAmsterdam Roller DerbyMexico City Roller DerbyWheels of Mayhem (Baja M)Victorian Vanguard (Victoria M)Richter City Roller Derby (Wellington)Chillanrolleras (Chillán)Ladies of Helltown (São Paulo)Thundering Hellcats (Johannesburg, C-Max Roller Derby1)2016
2017Middlesbrough Roller DerbyTyne and Fear Roller Derby (Newcastle M)Nothing ToulouseQuad Guards (Toulouse M)Stuttgart Valley Roller DerbyCrime City Rollers (Malmö)Helsinki Roller DerbyJyväskylä BRoller Derby MadridMadRiders (Madrid M)?Vienna Roller DerbyMexico City Roller DerbyDisorder Roller Derby (EMEXRD/Mexico City M)Bogotá Bone BreakersMaquina del Mal (Bogotá M)Tasmanian Men's Roller Derby?Richter City Roller Derby? (Wellington)?Chillanrolleras (Chillán)Gray City Rebels (São Paulo)Golden City Rollers (Johannesburg)2017
2018Central City Roller Derby (Birmingham)New Wheeled Order (Manchester M)Nothing ToulouseQuad Guards (Toulouse M)Dresden PioneersCrime City Rollers (Malmö)Oulu Roller Derby*Roller Derby MadridMadRiders (Madrid M)?Vienna Roller DerbyAntwerp Roller DerbyManneken Beasts (Brussels M)Mexico City Roller DerbyDisorder Roller Derby (EMEXRD/Mexico City M)Bogotá Bone BreakersTeam QueenslandVictoria Men's Roller DerbyDead End Derby (Christchurch)Terror S-Quad (Santiago M)Bayonetas (Metropolitan B | Santiago)Gray City Rebels (São Paulo)Golden City Rollers (Johannesburg)2018
2019Liverpool Roller BirdsNew Wheeled Order (Manchester M)Nothing ToulouseQuad Guards (Toulouse M)Munich Rolling RebelsCrime City Rollers (Malmö)Oslo Roller DerbyHelsinki Roller Derby BHelsinki Coast Quads*Roller Derby MadridMadRiders (Madrid M)?Vienna Roller DerbyBelgiumBelgium MBaja Roller Derby (Baja California)Disorder Roller Derby (EMEXRD/Mexico City M)ColombiaColombia MTeam QueenslandThe Scartel (Brisbane M)Pirate City Rollers (Auckland)Bototos Bandidos (Valparaíso M)ChileBlue Jay Rollers (Curitiba)Golden City Rollers (Johannesburg)2019
1Teams listed with names at time of event in some cases.
22015's "Men's Tier" was a semiofficial tournament for British Champs, seeding into the official inclusion in 2016 onwards.
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